Transportes Franceses De Merda, France, 2012

(click the photo to watch the full album)


One thought on “Transportes Franceses De Merda, France, 2012”

  1. At early morning and late night, when people REALLY need to take a bus from Beauvais to Beauvais airport, to flight with Ryanair, the ticket cost 4 euros. The rest of the day costs 90 cents. C’EST L’ARNAQUE TOTAL

    To make it worst, they call it a shuttle bus but IT IS NOT. They should drive you strait from Beauvais city center to the airport, but no, they get out of Beauvais and go aroudn this WTF-places to make you loose time… YOU PAY A LOT AND YOU GET A HORRIBLE SERVICE. WITH TAXI WOULD BE CHEAPER!

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